The New and Exciting

Right now there is no particular organization to the items listed below. That will change as needed. Generally speaking we don’t include news stories and reports in this “new and exciting” list, since there’s a dedicated micro-website for that. But there may be exceptions that really do fall into the “new and exciting” category. To send us your “new and exciting” suggestions, just fill out this contact form.

iClima Earth a new investment advisory group focused on identifying companies that best help decarbonize the planet through avoiding CO2 emissions. They have an extensive filtering system allowing you to search for specific companies. Future Super is an alternative investment fund in Australia focused on tackling climate change.

WeSpire focuses on using behavioral science to help “drive employee engagement for impactful and purposeful work” including in the area of climate change. Perhaps real synergies will occur in collaborating with organizations like Climate Voice, focused on influencing business climate decision-making. And the recent Work for Climate, which tries to guide companies to make faster climate change progress.

Giving Green makes recommendations for where to purchase carbon offsets, and how to best promote climate change policy advocacy. It was recently featured in this blog post.

You Change Earth is a new entry into the “what can I do to fight climate change?” category of organizations and iphone apps. If you’re interested in this topic, take a look at our micro-site focused on how to most effectively activate individuals to promote whichever Climate Chess pieces are in the best position to be moved at any given time.

The Cranky Uncle Game (for iOS - Android coming soon). In this first release of the game, Cranky Uncle mentors you on 14 techniques of science denial, from fake experts to cherry picking and logical fallacies. The game is based on a resilience-building technique known as active inoculation. Note: Gamification has a lot of potential in tackling climate change, and the Climatographers helped in the crowdfunding of Cranky Unkle. The Climatographers’ Dr. Mark Trexler has a cameo role in the game!

2020/12 A Carbon Price In Canada Of $170 CAD By 2030 Is Great Climate News There are number of caveats when it comes to the implementation of this new carbon price (up from $50 by 2030), but the fact that it’s revenue neutral and high enough to significantly influence decision-making truly notable.

What if all kinds of great organizations and initiatives could support each other in tackling climate change? That’s the goal of our 1.5o C Global Brain Project.