What’s New and Exciting?

The Climatographers are constantly adding new resources to the Climate Web, and it already links together thousands of websites and pages relevant to tackling climate change.

But it’s getting harder to keep up with the new and exciting initiatives in this space, each of which is another asset in the climate change mitigation toolkit. We also think of these initiatives as new pieces that can be deployed on the Climate Chessboard, where currently Team Urgency is arguably still losing to Team No-Urgency. Visit our Climate Chess micro-site.

Via this micro-website we want to find out what you’re seeing that is “new and exciting” for understanding and tackling climate change. Send us your thoughts and we’ll integrate them into the Climate Web. We’ll also keep a running list as part of this micro-website that anyone can check in on at any time.

Looking for the “new and exciting” initiatives is not to suggest that there aren’t all kinds of great initiatives already underway - many of them are organized in the Climate Web itself. For some of the topics we think are important take a look at the Key Index Entries page of this micro-site.

This micro-website extracts information from the Climate Web, built to facilitate access to the actionable climate knowledge needed by individuals, companies, and policy-makers for tackling the entire "wicked problem" of climate change. The Climate Web is an open-access knowledgebase based on the work of thousands and experts, and the closest thing to a collective climate intelligence existing today.

Contact us here with your feedback and suggestions, and to discuss how micro-sites could advance your climate change objectives. If you value our work on the Climate Web and micro-sites like this one, sign up to stay informed, and consider supporting our Patreon Project.

The Climatographers